A modular, repairable
GPS sports watch

With it's replaceable components, including the battery and display,
Una is a long-lasting, more sustainable GPS watch

Launching late 2024
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Introducing Una

Una is a cutting-edge GPS sports watch that tracks your runs, rides and other sporting activities, as well as your everyday health.

What makes Una different is that it has been built from the ground up with sustainability in mind. With its modular design, Una can be easily repaired or upgraded at home.

Reduce e-waste by repairing your watch at home

With Una's modular design, your Una watch components can be easily replaced or upgraded at home.

Una respects your right to repair and is committed to making your devices easy to fix by providing access to spare parts and easy-to-follow repair guides.

Damaged the display? No problem: order a replacement, and swap it in yourself.

By increasing the longevity of your electronic devices, you reduce your impact on the environment.

Replaceable Battery

With each charge and discharge cycle, the capacity of a Lithium Polymer battery decreases. After a couple of years of frequent use, the battery capacity in a typical wearable can reduce to a level that renders the device unusable.

Despite Una's battery lasting for up to 1000 charge and discharge cycles, the battery is replaceable and features a hardshell for safe and easy handling so that you can bring your device back to life and enjoy many more years of use.

Uses the same charging cable as your mobile phone

To reduce the environmental impact of discarded charging cables, Una adopts USB Type-C charging, which is the same type that your mobile phone uses.

You can also enjoy the added benefit of never having to search for that proprietary charging cable again.

Accurately track your runs, rides and other activities

Built with ultra-accurate GPS tracking technology to monitor your sporting performance.

Track your health

Fitted with high-precision optical sensors to continuously and accurately measure heart rate, Una offers real-time insights into cardiovascular performance during your sports activities. With customisable heart rate zones and alerts, optimise your training plans based on your fitness goals.

Post workout, Una offers detailed heart rate data, providing valuable information on intensity levels and recovery periods.

Additionally, Una features continuous heart rate monitoring throughout the day and during sleep, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of overall health.

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