Bespoke Smart Watch Design and Build Service

With our modular smart watch design, Una can customise and build smart watches to suit your industry's needs

Customisable Design

Due to its modular design, the base Una device can be customised to enable Industry customers to build devices more cost-effectively and with less risk.

Una's engineering team, with its expertise in electronics, mechanical engineering, product design and firmware can rapidly develop wearables for industry customers.

Turnkey Manufacturing Service

As well as designing wearables for industry, Una offers a turnkey manufacturing service.

Una can manage the entire supply chain from procurement of components, through to assembly, test and fulfilment.

University & Deep Tech

Una can be used as a white label wearable platform for new technologies.

Whether it's a novel biosensor or a new type of wireless communication device, Una provides the platform on which your technology can be developed, demonstrated or even deployed to customers.

Workplace Safety

Advances in wearable technology enable hazards at work to be monitored effectively.

The Una platform can be developed and deployed rapidly to suit many different workplace environments.

Health Providers

As the capability of biosensors increase, health monitoring at home is becoming a viable option for patient care.

With the body sensor on Una being a modular part, custom body sensor modules can be developed for health providers.

Coupled with bespoke software, the Una platform can be used to roll out health solutions rapidly and cost-effectively.

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Our Una for Industry design and build service is available immediately. Contact us to find out how we can help you build your own wearable device.

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